free 5-day challenge for multi-passionate christian women

Say goodbye to cookie cutter business plans

And say hello to YOUR ideal business...

In the Ideal Biz Bootcamp

Do you want to use your God-given gifts, skills, and experiences to make an impact and grow a business?

Are you tired of feeling confused about how to take what you really want to do and create business you LOVE?

Sick of trying to follow someone else’s model, only to get nowhere and feel more behind than when you started?

What if there was one thing that could change the game for your business?

---> insert eye roll here.

Then you’re invited to join me for the...

Ideal Biz Bootcamp!

5 days to a focused plan for creating a business you love (even if you’re multi-passionate or you’ve never sold anything before)

January 17-21, 2022

12pm EST

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So how can you create a consistent flow of clients without selling your soul on social media or feeling like a telemarketer on calls?

How do you market yourself without compromising your faith or values?

after the IDeal Biz Bootcamp, you will:

Gain a clear picture of the one thing that will keep you going in your business

Discover a solid idea for a business that aligns to your gifts AND that people will pay for

Have a roadmap for putting this business out into the world

What others have said about my challenges:

Are you ready to create a business you love instead of feeling confused or frustrated with your business?

The Ideal Biz Bootcamp is your next step!

Join me LIVE Jan. 17-21, 2022

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Hey friend, I’m Esther Littlefield.

I’ve been in the online space as a service provider and then coach for over 5 years, and my super power is helping others find clarity and gain focus.

Yet, I struggled to do so for myself for many years. I created a successful business, but it wasn't a business I loved. It was a business that paid the bills, but it didn't light me up to work every day.

Through a lot of prayer, digging deep, and investing in myself, I discovered the key essentials to developing a business I loved.

And now I'm passionate about helping others do the same.

Inside of this 5 day bootcamp, I will share with you how you can discern your next steps to creating a business (and a life) you love.

This will not be 5 days of fluff… rather, 5 days of real, actionable content that you can implement in your business right away.